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About Us

Your success is our goal at 911 Chef Meals! Whether your following Low-Fat, Keto/Low-Carb, Paleo, Whole30 or in need of family meals we have your dietary dilemma rescued! Low-Fat is for individuals that are currently following or who want to follow a low fat or fat free diet using leaner meats, cheeses and dairy products. Our meal plan contains approximately 5-7 ounces of protein (this varies per protein). This diet has assisted many individuals following 5 n 1 transfer to a maintenance plan 4 n 1. Our Keto/Low Carb Meals are encouraged for customers following keto, low-carb, diabetics trying to regulate blood sugar, and the maintenance stage of OptavIa. We also serve families for those busy moms who want to feed the entire family. Each week, our menu is be perfected for your success!!! The company was started as the owner, Chazzie Fallo, began making recue dinners in her home for her family and families in need. 911 Chef Meals was created by a God given dream to help bring families closer together and healthier than ever. For years her clients would say “I don’t know what’s for dinner?” After being so exhausted, with her own question daily after was “What’s for dinner?”. She knew that she needed to make a change for her family. Now, 911 Chef Meals has evolved into helping people achieve their dietary goals and reaching their success. 911 Chef Meals wants to help you succeed with whatever diet you are on. Your success is our goal at 911 Chef Meals.